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Square Tails, like the name implies, have those typical yellow squares on the tail. This trait has also been called ladder tails in America. Different from the typical ladder tail is it's Pastel coloring, which varies from a bright pink through an almost florescent orange to a beautiful deep red. Another bonus to this awesome new morph is  the saddle patterning, which is connected along the sides of the dorsal very much like the much sought after and relatively rare Arabesque Boa. All three of these unique traits in the same animal. 

To the best of our knowledge our animals are the only boas in the world that consistently bring out all three of these characteristics, the Arabesque like pattern, the Square or Ladder Tail, and the most vibrant pastel coloring in the same animal. These pattern traits combined with the outrageous coloring of these animals make them some of the most beautiful and unique Boa Constrictor on the world market today.

At the time of this printing only F1's have been produced. We plan to produce F2's soon and can only imagine what beautiful and awesome surprises await us.

This is the latest about genetics of the squaretails,

As it seems now, the color of the sq.tails leaves itself intermediately that means all the babys will have the coloration but a bit lighter than the parents if you breed a sq.tail to a normal.
Quit the same as it is known from the Kubsch pastels.
The pattern seems to be recessive, and becomes
visible only if its homozygoes .
This year we try to breed F2, time will tell how they will look like.

This is a hypo het squaretail,
in this pic one can see
the pastel color